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"Hardwicke House" was heavily hyped by ITV and was featured prominently in TV Times magazine, which at the time exclusively covered the schedules of ITV and Channel 4. In the issue that entailed 21st to 27th February 1987, "Hardwicke House" was mentioned on the front cover with the quote “Roy Kinnear Back to School”. Inside, there was a section showcasing the highlights of the week and "Hardwicke House" was included here along with a picture of Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson jokingly attempting to strangle Roy Kinnear (Rik and Adrian were not part of the regular cast but were guest stars in the fifth episode). Further into the issue, there was a two-page spread in which all the teachers were introduced by the headmaster with a brief biography for each of them. In addititon, there were pictures of all the main members of the cast.

As TV Times magazine is printed in advance, even though "Hardwicke House" was taken off air after the second episode, it continued to be listed in the magazine for a further two weeks. This meant that some details from episodes three and four were revealed, including the titles (“Interview Day” and “Prize Giving” respectively), a mini synopsis and the cast.

Shown below are rare clippings from the issues of TV Times magazine that contained coverage of "Hardwicke House":-

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