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The Trivia
* It was reported that after "Hardwicke House" had been taken off air all the master tapes were wiped to ensure that it could never be seen again. However, this was false and the tapes remain in ITV’s archives (and the writers of this website have been able to view all seven episodes).

* Following its removal from the schedules, there was a rumour that the series would be released on video but this did not materialize. There was a further rumour that the unseen episodes would be featured in a novelisation but this also never materialized.

* It has been suggested that the entire series was shown at a later date in the Central TV region only, though this has not been verified.

* The complete series is available from ITV for overseas sale and has supposedly been transmitted in both France and Canada.

* The headmaster, played by Roy Kinnear, was credited as 'RG Wickham'. His first name is revealed in the closing moments of the first episode when he is reading aloud a letter he has written and which he signed 'Ron'.

* A second series was planned before the first one had even been screened, but this was instantly scrapped once the outburst erupted following the first two episodes.

* The second episode of the show can be seen in the archive section of the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television in Bradford.

* The title of the show is in fact an innuendo - think about it!

* The series was originally going to be called "Ratchet Lane" - another innuendo!

* The director of the series was John Stroud and he retained his own private copy of the series after its banishment.

* John had previously directed another education-based anarchic comedy, "Educating Marmalade", starring Charlotte Coleman as rebellious schoolgirl Marmalade Atkins.

* Copies of the two transmitted episodes have been available to buy on eBay (a small number of astute viewers recorded them on video tape when they were transmitted, kept them and later transferred them onto a blank DVD).

* Kevin Allen, who played Slasher Bates, is the younger brother of Keith Allen who was a regular star of "The Comic Strip Presents….." series.

* Mark Monero, who played Leroy (a member of Slasher's gang), and Gavin Richards, who played Mr Flashman, both went on to star in BBC soap "EastEnders".

* Cindy Day, who played Donna, later became a hostess on "The Price is Right" game show.

* Pam Ferris, who played Cynthia Crabbe, went on to star in "The Darling Buds Of May" as Ma Larkin.

* The producer of the series was Paula Burden, who went on to produce cricket-based sitcom "Outside Edge".

* The writers, Richard Hall and Simon Wright, carried out research by interviewing genuine teachers and pupils about typical school hijinks. They later said that what they were told was more outrageous than what was featured in the final draft of their scripts and that any ideas taken from the interviews had to be toned down!

* The series was filmed at St Bernadette's Secondary School, Sneinton Dale, Nottingham, NG2 (see the picture below) during the summer of 1986.

Pam Ferris played Miss Crabbe (the French teacher)
An aerial shot of the actual school where "Hardwicke House" was filmed
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